Brother SE350 Embroidery-and-Sewing Machine Review

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For all those who love sewing and doing embroidery work, life has never been this easy. The Brother SE350 Embroidery-and-Sewing Machine will do all the sewing for you and at the same time do all the decorations that you can dream of using the embroidery feature of the machine. It features 70 in built designs, and you can easily choose to access the over 1,000 designs that Brother has in their numerous cards. For those who want to learn how to embellish great patterns on cloths this is the ultimate machine that will enable you to easily achieve this. For those who are already experts, there is no better way to take your skills to the next level than to use the Brother SE350 embroidery machine.

Brother SE350 Embroidery Machine Features

The Brother embroidery machine comes standard with a good big LCD backlit screen that is quite easy to use for both learners and not very experienced to the pros in sewing and embroidery work. The screen will enable the user to easily edit the stitches that have already been installed to fit their purpose as well as easy selection of the numerous stitches in built. Thus the machine is designed to give the user the ability to make very customized patterns that suit their very specific needs and tastes.

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The Brother SE350 is the very machine that you would be searching for in the market if you require more than 67 stitches that are built in. It also comes with 10 one stop buttonhole styles that make it extremely easy for you to sew and design a piece of cloth, and of course not forgetting that the machine also comes with 98 stitch functions. There are whole lists of features that are inexhaustible in a months’ sitting with the machine.

The Brother SE350 Embroidery and Sewing Machine comes with a automatic needle threader that can handle 15 positions with regard to the needle. Going for 710 stitches a minute is no mean fete and the machine also gives the user 5 fonts that are monogramming in nature not forgetting the thread cutter.

Brother SE350 Embroidery Machine Review

In today’s world one can always buy it safe by first going to the reviews that have been given for a specific product. The Brother SE350 machine has received quite a wide acclamation via reviews on the internet. On the Amazon site there are 40 reviews and 34 of them have given the machine a 4.0 star feedback. The buyers are most happy with the quality of the work the machine gives and its user friendliness. Newbies can easily become experts. Click here to check it out.

There are a few complaints though as with every other product on sale. The Brother embroidery machine is blamed for not allowing bigger monogramming letters than 1 inch in its 4×4 hoop. Some of the users also say that the card readers are supposed to come with the machine.

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All in all the  Brother SE350 machine  is a great buy if you want quality work to be associated with your efforts. The price is reasonable and don’t forget that the machine comes with a 25 year warranty.

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