Brother PE700II Embroidery Machine Review

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The Brother PE700II is a machine that will forever make the owner be proud. In the world of embroidery, where precision and attention to detail is paramount, the user of this machine is saved from going through the physical harrowing experience of trying to making a pattern undoing it and redoing it a million times with the hands. The machine not only sews great embroidery designs and patterns, but it does so with the user being helped by the computerized backlit LCD screen.

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Brother PE700II Embroidery Machine Features

It is a huge plus to the buyer who buys the PE700II embroidery machine because they will not only be able to save all their work that they have done but they will also be able to download new designs and patterns from the internet using the computerized system that is found in it. The machine is made in such a way as to accommodate Brother Memory cards, all except the Disney ones’. One can easily use the card to go to the internet using a computer and downloading the latest and the most desirable designs or patters then transferring the same to the machine.

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The Brother PE700II embroidery machine is very capable of decorating and embellishing any garment that you might be having, be it a coat, sweater, scarf or anything. It comes with some cool built in patterns for embroidery that total to 136 and which ultimately help you achieve the desirable goal of making the most beautiful embroidered garment. The scroll-work included is delicate and there is also 6 fonts that are used for lettering and which are also built in, the machine has so much more.

The Brother PE700II embroidery machine is also accredited with having very user friendly features that will make anyone understand all that is being needed to make a perfect embroidery pattern. The LCD backlit touch screen which helps the user to control and edit most of their work is one of a kind. The machine will also amaze you with the very fast and efficient system of winding the bobbin, needle threading, thread cutter among many other features.

Brother PE700II Embroidery Machine Review

The Brother embroidery machine has received many reviews that average 4.5 starts out of the possible 5.00 stars. Though there are just 9 reviews on Amazon which give 3.5 Stars and five reviewers give 5.00 starts there are others sites which give a better representation of how the machine performs. Reviewers give the machine credit to the awesomeness of the patterns that are produced by it. They also love its user friendliness. Click here to read more reviews.

There are some negative reviews which I think touch only on some reviewers but nevertheless important to address. The instruction manual is not quite clear on all the functions of the Brother embroidery machine, this I am sure can be easily sorted out by Brother if you tell them you have a problem with the instructions.

The PE700II embroidery machine can be said to be a machine that will get you captivated whenever you sit down to do some embroidery work. If you have some embroidery fetish or fantasy or just a need to do some serious embroidery work, then this is the machine to grab. Click here to check it out.

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