Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Embroidery and Sewing Machine Review

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Many people wish to have a good thing going in their lives, well; the machine to make your life be a pure bliss experience is the Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway embroidery and sewing machine. You will not only unleash the best of the patterns that you can imagine but help you make the designs that will leave people envious of your ability to make beautiful stuff. The machine comes with a computer port that lets you not only do your work with ease but also import designs directly from the internet and your computer.

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Brother Project Runway LB6800PRW Features

The Brother embroidery machine will come with a very friendly backlit LCD touch screen that will enable you to do all the embroidery work that you wish to in a most easy and convenient way. All the buyers’ dreams of getting into the first lane of the embroidery world will come true with the purchase of this Project Runway embroidery machine. Also available when you buy this machine is a speed control that is made electronically variable and which makes sewing a pure fun thing to do.

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The Brother LB6800PRW sewing and embroidery machine is designed and manufactured in such a way as to incorporate a whole set of built in sewing stitches that totals to 67 built-in stitches, 70 embroidery designs, 120 frame pattern combinations, 5 lettering fonts and 98 stitch functions. You will also enjoy a wide reference of 50 stitches whenever you need to make that next stitch.

The Brother Project Runway embroidery machine has been designed to give the buyer a wide variety of five styles of one step automatic buttonholes, controls that lets you position and stop the needle when needed and an auto reverse reinforcement stitch facility. The presser foot pressure adjustment and presser foot leveling button is also available. The machine also allows you to choose the most comfortable sewing speed. You should not also forget that this Brother LB6800PRW embroidery machine has a 25 year warranty.

Brother LB6800PRW Embroidery and Sewing Machine Review

The reviews found on Amazon are 190 and they average 4.5 stars out of the possible 5.00 stars. Of these 190 reviewers 139 have given the Brother LB6800PRW embroidery machine a 5.00 star feedback. This is a very good feedback and it shows that the manufacturer has made the right machine for the sewing and embroidery work. There are other reviews on the internet however and they all have congruence to the Amazon average. Most of the reasons why most people are pleased with the machine are its manual are very easy to understand and you will absolutely fall in love with the machine. The price is also another big factor compared to the great value that it gives. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Some of the reviewers and buyers in general find the machine rather short of hoops. One will need a bigger hoop if your needs surpass the ones designed for the machine. The other issue is that you will need to hold the needle very gently when starting to sew – just follow the manual instructions and you will be fine.

Bearing in mind that the Brother LB6800PRW embroidery and sewing machine comes with a 25 year warranty one should jump for this great treat. The price which also happens to be greatly discounted is another factor to consider when shopping because this machine gives value to each and every dollar you spend on it. Buy this great machine and learn how to sew and do embroidery all by yourself! Click here to buy from Amazon and save $509 and get it shipped to you for free Now!

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